Welcome to my Blog, I’m Jake

So this is my blog where I just share life with what I’m doing to play arround with my writing away from the more professional tones of my other sites.

But this is not one of those blogs where I am giving a daily account of my life. Nor is it a blog where I talk about my fights with bears, or my treks across the Sahara, although if I do that at some point it will probably be on here)

Instead, I am just your average writer using this blog as my playground to experiment more with my writing and to share what I do in my life.

Well, there’s not much more to it then that really, but feel free to use the contact button if you need anything.

So, a slightly mediocre introduction but hellos are always going to be awkward I’m not just introducing myself to one person, I’m introducing myself to the world here, so now we’ve got the awkwardness out the way, check out the blog.